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We are fully licensed to sell all Alcoholic drinks for culinary use and for functions. We are a nominated supplier to Highland Spring Water & Belu Water and also sell the old favourites such as Coke, Pepsi, 7Up


Badoit  Sparkling          Glass        12 x 750 MIL            £8.58
Badoit  Sparkling          Glass        12 x 1     Ltr             £10.26

This naturally sparkling mineral water was not only known and prescribed by local doctors for its thermal properties in the XVIIIth century but was obviously known to the Romans since the remains of thermal baths have been found on the present site of the Badoit factory. Naturally sparkling Badoit water is captured at a depth of 100 meters in the granite below from numerous springs producing water, under pressure, at a constant 16 C. Today it is considered to be one of the foremost table waters in France.

                                                                                          Belu       Still                Glass         12 x 750 MIL            £7.67 
Belu       Sparkling       Glass         12 x 750 MIL            £7.67
Belu       Still                Glass         24 x 330 MIL            £8.76
Belu       Sparkling       Glass         24 x 330 MIL            £8.76  
Belu Bio Still                Bio            24 x 500 MIL            £8.27

 Belu Natural Mineral Water is reducing its impact on the climate by bottling water in the UK, converting to wind power & offsetting all remaining CO2 emissions. As a result, Belu is the first bottled water not to contribute to the melting ice caps. 

The penguins approve

Cristaline  Still                 Plastic      24 x 500 MIL          £4.99      Our Cheapest Water 


Perrier                 Spark   Glass          12 x 750 MIL      £9.75
Perrier                 Spark   Glass           24 x 330 MIL     £10.88
Perrier                 Spark   Glass           24 x 200 MIL     £9.98
Perrier                 Spark   Can              24 x 330 MIL     £10.44
                                                       The spring from which Perrier is drawn was called Les Bouillens. It has been used as a spa since Roman times. Local doctor Louis Perrier bought the spring in 1898 and operated a commercial spa there; he also bottled the water for sale. He later sold the spring to Sir Saint-John Harmsworth, a wealthy British visitor. Harmsworth was the younger brother of the newspaper magnates Lord Northcliffe and Lord Rothermere. He had come to France to learn the language. Dr. Perrier showed him the spring, and he decided to buy it. He sold his share of the family newspapers to raise the money. Harmsworth closed the spa, as spas were becoming unfashionable. He renamed the spring Source Perrier and started bottling the water in distinctive green bottles. The shape was that of the Indian clubs Harmsworth used for exercise.









Evian    Still                     Plastic      12 x 1.5 LTR          £7.98 
Evian    Still                     Glass        12 x 1 LTR             £7.99 
Evian    Still                     Plastic      24 x 750 MIL         £8.90       Sports Cap
Evian    Still                     Plastic      24 x 500 MIL         £8.41
Evian    Still                     Plastic      24 x 330 MIL         £8.25

 1789: During a walk, the Marquis of Lessert drank water from the Sainte Catherine spring on the land of a Mr. Cachat. The marquis, who was allegedly suffering from kidney and liver problems. He drank the water regularly while he walked, and claimed that his health improved. Encouraged by Lessert's advocacy of the 'miraculous' water, local doctors began to prescribe it as a health remedy. In response to the growing success of the water, Mr Cachat fenced off his spring and began selling the water.



Hildon  Still                     Glass         12 x 750 MIL       £7.39
Hildon  Sparkling            Glass         12 x 750 MIL       £7.39
Hildon  Still                     Glass         24 x 330 MIL      £8.50
Hildon  Sparkling            Glass         24 x 330 MIL      £8.50

Hildon Natural Mineral Water comes from beneath the chalk hills of the beautiful Hampshire countryside in the South of England. The water is wholesome, naturally filtered and crystal-clear. It is free from pollution with a stable composition, being naturally low in sodium. The water is bottled at source and whether it is delightfully still or gently sparkling, has a distinctive, delicious taste

Highland Spring    Still      Plastic        12 x 1.5 LTR      £6.33
Highland Spring    Spar     Plastic        12 x 1.5 LTR      £6.53
Highland Spring    Still      Glass          12 x 1 LTR        £7.16
Highland Spring    Spark   Glass          12 x 1 LTR        £7.16
Highland Spring    Still      Plastic         24 x 500 MIL     £6.87
Highland Spring    Spark   Plastic         24 x 500 MIL     £7.24
Highland Spring    Still      Glass          24 x 330 MIL     £6.15
Highland Spring    Spark   Glass          24 x 330 MIL     £6.15

At the heart of every bottle of Highland Spring is a story that dates back 400 million years. This is when the ancient red sandstone and basalt layers of the Ochil Hills were formed – the same hills that today are the home of Highland Spring and account for its unique, natural taste. Every drop of rain that falls on our protected hillside makes a 15-year journey though the landscape, trickling slowly down through the heather and deep into the rock bed on its way to the source of Highland Spring.

Ice Valley            Still      Plastic            24 x 500 MIL    £4.99

Malvern               Still      Glass            12 x 1 LTR 
Malvern               Spark   Glass            12 x 1 LTR

'Malvern' is bottled at the Primeswell Spring after gently filtering through the surrounding granite rocks. The mineral content gives 'Malvern' a clean, fresh and delicate taste making it a perfect accompaniment to food and wine.

Panna                 Still      Glass           12 x 750 MIL     £8.58
Acqua Panna® Natural Spring Water, which dates back to the Romans, became part of the Nestlé Waters North America family of brands in 1999. Acqua Panna® Natural Spring Water, Italy’s most famous spring water, comes from the region of Tuscany and is the ideal still water for dining.

San Pellegrino     Spark   Glass           12 x 750 MIL      £9.05
San Pellegrino     Spark   Glass           24 x 500 MIL      £11.13
San Pellegrino     Spark   Plastic         24 x 500 MIL       £8.57                                                     San Pellegrino     Spark   Glass           24 x 250 MIL      £9.26
The town of San Pellegrino in the mountains north of Milan was first made famous by quenching the thirst of Leonardo da Vinci. Today the Fonte Termale, an opulent marbled drinking hall, is a monument to the tradition of "taking the waters .                                                       S.Pellegrino's sources are three deep springs which emerge at 69.8 degrees F. The waters come from an aquifer 1,300 feet below the surface, where limestone and volcanic rocks impart unique minerals and trace elements.                                                                                                                                                   

                                                                                                                         Spa Water          Still       Plastic         12 x 1.5 LTR      £6.95                                                            
A Highly concentrated water with 15 mineral salts and trace elements, to soothe the skin and reinforce the skin’s natural protective function. Recognized by the French Academy of Medicine for its soothing properties, it is an essential complement to any skin care regimen


Tau  Water         Still       Glass           12 x 750 MIL      £9.15                                                      Tau  Water         Spark    Glass           12 x 750 MIL      £9.25                                                       Tau  Water         Still       Glass           24 x 330 MIL     £11.95                                                      Tau  Water         Spark    Glass           24 x 330 MIL     £12.05                                             Launched in 2003, TAU Spring Water was specially created to satisfy the need for contemporary clear glass bottled water with real profit potential. In keeping with its chic, minimalist positioning, TAU Spring Water was launched without the usual fanfare, a 'word of mouth' campaign ensued, resulting in sales already matching its sister brand Ty Nant Natural Mineral Water blue glass sales. Today, TAU Spring Water boasts an enviable global customer base.

                                                                                              Ty Nant              Still      Glass           12 x 750 MIL     £13.57   Ty Nant Water comes in
Ty Nant              Spark   Glass           12 x 750 MIL     £13.57   Blue & Red Glass
Ty Nant              Still      Glass           24 x 330 MIL     £13.95                                                          Ty Nant              Spark   Glass           24 x 330 MIL     £13.95


Starting life at London's top hotels in 1989, Ty Nant rapidly gained recognition as a premium product and today it can be ordered in many of the world's leading hotels, clubs and fine restaurants - simply ask for Ty Nant

Volvic                 Still      Plastic         12 x 1.5 LTR     £7.85                           Volvic                 Still      Plastic         12 x 1    LTR     £7.65     Sports Cap
Volvic                 Still      Plastic         24 x 500 MIL     £7.98


Volvic is a brand of mineral water. Its source lies just to the north of the Puyde Dôme. The water's distinctive mineral content is due to the nearby volcano which last erupted in 5760 BC.  The first of the springs in the area was tapped in 1922, and the first bottles appeared on the market in 1938. Today, Volvic waters are internationally known. Over 50% of the production of Volvic water is exported to more than 60 countries throughout the world. Two bottling plants produce over 1 billion bottles of water annually and are the principal employers of the local community.                                                                                                                                

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