The London Fish & Game Company Ltd TA Mostly Smoked

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Mostly Smoked
Unit 3
Victoria Industrial Park
Victoria Road

Telephone Number
01322 629 129

Mobile Number
07709 455 544

Fax Number
01322 629 121

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We sell 250g and 500g packs of Wiltshire Ham, Milano Salami, Bresola, Smoked Lamb,Turkey, Air Dried Ham, Parma, Mortadella, Directors Beef, Dry Cured Bacon's etc. We source ready packed from BRC accredited companies such as Sliced Meats  Air Dried Ham and Cheddar Bacon Smoked Lamb, Smoked Duck, Smoked Venison
Everything is sold in small packs so eliminating wastage Website Design & eCommerce Software Shopping Cart Solutions